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" really helped our business when we first started our website. Now we use it as a valuable, safe resource to keep in touch with our customers. It allows us to easily create forms and update them. We sincerely appreciate your site. Without it, we would have had to spend countless dollars on less-than-efficient forms. Thank you for an invaluable communication resource! "

Joseph Jackowitz, President & CEO

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It says the e-mail address being submitted is invalid?

This means that the e-mail address that the submitter of the form submitted did not pass the tests we use to determine whether an e-mail address is valid or not. The tests we use are extremely good and rarely say that an address is not valid when it is. Please try to submit the form again to ensure that you did not accidentally input the wrong address.

If it still does not work, then chances are that the HTML code on your site has been changed and is incorrect. Please re-copy and paste the code exactly as we've provided and test again. Keep in mind that by default an email address field is automatically added to your form. It is common for users to add an additional email field when they are in the process of building the form, generate the code, see that there are then two email fields and then manually delete one of them. This causes errors in our software and will result in the email address error. Please only use the email address field that is automatically added to your forms.