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" We love the way your form works. It is now very easy for us to reach our customers. We especially like the way your site limits spam. In sum, an excellent resource! "


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The form was submitted but I am not getting the message?

Before assuming that the messages are not getting to you, please do the following:

1. Manually submit the form yourself. Wait about 2 hours and make sure that the message never came to you.

2. If the form didn't get to you, re-copy and paste the HTML to you site. Sometimes unintended changes made in your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.) may cause problems with your form. Using the new HTML, submit your form and see if you receive the message.

If you do not receive a message, it is likely that either your e-mail client(Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) is blocking the message, or you e-mail provider (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, gMail, etc.) is blocking the message. There is nothing on our end that would prevent the message from getting to you.

Many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have recently been implementing less-than-perfect spam filters on their e-mail servers that have on some occasions blocked e-mails sent from our mail server. We have done everything that we can on our end to ensure that this happens as rarely as possible. We ensure you that all messages get sent from our end. Once it is off our server, it is out of our hands, and the responsibility of your ISP to get the message to you. If you believe that your ISP is blocking your messages please try the following:

1. Add and to your contact lists and address books.

2. Never label or tag any form submissions as 'spam' or 'junk'. This will often cause spam filters to start tagging all form submissions as spam regardless of the actual content.

3. Contact your email provider and have them 'whitelist' the entire domain.

In many situations, your ISP will not completely delete the messages and will instead redirect the messages to a spam or junk mail folders. Please check these folders (if you have them) to see if messages from, or from your forms are being redirected to these areas. These folders are generally called different things but, most ISPs (hotmail, Yahoo!, gmail, etc.) have some sort of folder that they direct messages they believe to be spam to. The content of the e-mails is what typically causes messages to get labeled as spam. Altering the questions on your form may prevent the messages from being tagged as spam.

You can check to ensure that the messages are being sent by logging into you account at and looking at your form submittal quotas. If everytime you submit your form, the quota shows that another message has been sent, you can be assured that the messages are getting sent on our end.