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" At first, we used MyContactForm so members of our St. Maarten website,, were "forced" to send us all the info we require to advertise timeshare weeks they offer for rent or for sale. That has been a huge time savings for us. We also create many sites through and our monitoring showed a lot of spam inquiries. We are using you in an increasing number of sites to make the process run smoothly and virtually eliminate spam. Your forms are easy to create, easily upgradeable, and the data goes wherever we want it to go. We already know that if we ever bust through your high quotas, no worries; memberships are so inexpensive we'll just buy another. Love the program from every perspective, THANK YOU! "


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How do I get the information that is submitted from my forms?

The information that is submitted from your forms is sent to the e-mail address you specify during the Form Creation Wizard. The information is sent in either HTML of Plain Text format depending on what you specify during the Form Creation Wizard. If you are a Premium Member then a copy of your form is also stored online in your Message Center which allows you to read, reply to, and export your messages from an easy online interface.