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" really helped our business when we first started our website. Now we use it as a valuable, safe resource to keep in touch with our customers. It allows us to easily create forms and update them. We sincerely appreciate your site. Without it, we would have had to spend countless dollars on less-than-efficient forms. Thank you for an invaluable communication resource! "

Joseph Jackowitz, President & CEO

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How do I read messages submitted with my forms?

In addition to the form data being submitted to you in e-mail format, a copy of the message is stored online in your Message Center. Please note that you must be a Premium Member to access the Message Center. To access the Message Center:

1. Login to
2. Click the button on the right navigation bar that says Message Center.
3. Look at the Folders column. For each form you create, a new folder that has the same name as the form will be created. Click the folder of the form whose messages you would like to read.